Russian Defence Ministry Board Session

Activity of Russian Defence Ministry in 2018

Results of activity in 2018
more than 18,000
exercises and trainings at various levels

bilateral trainings intensified for 20%
more than 31,000
pieces of signal equipment supplied to the Armed Forces

upgrade of automated command and control system of the Armed Forces
Strategic Nuclear Forces
modernity level of the Strategic Nuclear Forces

Yars launchers with intercontinental ballistic missiles entered combat duty
Air Strategic Nuclear Forces recieved:
1 Tu-160 aircraft
4 Tu-95MS aircraft
successful launch of 4
Bulava ballistic missiles in salvo by
the SSBN Yuri Dolgoruky

successful launch of 12
Kh-101 air-based cruising missiles by the Tu-160 modernised strategic bomber
Kinzhal high-precision hypersonic air missile complex entered
test-combat duty
Peresvet laser complexes entered
test-combat duty
Sarmat strategic complex successfully passed
drop test
Land Forces
pieces of new and modern armaments supplied

10units and military bases formed
Aerospace Forces
126 modern aircraft
9 spacecraft
120 air defence weapons
The Navy
14 warships and combat boats
11 support vessels
4 Bal and Bastion coastal missile systems
Airborne Troops
received more than 300
pieces of advanced armaments, military and special equipment
sets for parachuting personnel, weapons and cargoes
Armed Forces missions in 2019
Strategic Nuclear Forces
to supply SMF with
31 Yars and Avangard launchers
with intercontinental ballistic missiles
it is planned to supply Aerospace Forces with
4 modernized Tu-95ms strategic missile carriers
it is planned to supply the Navy with
the nuclear submarine cruiser Knyaz Vladimir, armed with the Bulava ballistic missiles

in 2019 is planned to supply
719 armored vehicles
1 brigade complex of the Iskander-M missile system
2 brigade complexes of the S-300V4
and Buk-M3 missile systems
Aerospace Forces
it is planned to supply
2 regimental complexes of the S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft missile system
1 Vityaz anti-aircraft missile system
7 battalion complexes of the Pantsir
anti-aircraft missile system
143 Bal and Bastion coastal missile systems
The Navy
it is planned to supply
12 warships and combat boats
2 submarines
12 support vessels
4 Bal and Bastion coastal missile systems
Combat training
18,500 exercises and trainings
including Tsentr 2019 strategic exercise and Grom strategic nuclear exercise
put into operation
3,751 buildings and structures

complete environmental work in the Arctic to clean 9,000 sq km
Pre-higher education
to be built in 2019
  • Girls Military Boarding School of the Ministry of Defence in St. Petersburg
  • Presidential Cadet School in Kemerovo

in the next 3 years it is planned to build
  • ice skating rinks
  • swimming pools
  • sports camps
at all pre-higher institutions of the Ministry of Defence

further development of Yunarmiya

Aid to Syrian Arab Republic

96% of SAR territory
was liberated from terrorist organisations

main forces were withdrawn from Syria
At present there are the following forces operating in Syria:
  • aerospace base in Hmeymim
  • naval combat service support base in Tartous
  • military advisers
  • military police
  • special operation forces units
  • Centre for Reconciliation of Opposing Sides and Refugee Migration Monitoring
large-scale recovery programme is underway
to restore peaceful life and ensure repatriation of refugees

joint coordination centres were established in Russia, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan
more than 68,000people
returned back to Syria in last six months
294 humanitarian actions
more than 33,000 civilians
received medical care

more than 163,000 civilians provided with food supplies
Military scientific potential of the Armed Forces
1,285 projects put into operation
110 inventions registered
"ERA" innovative technopolis was established
18 laboratories equiped with 600 pieces of outfit
International military cooperation
Foreign partners
98 foreign states
cooperate with the Russian Defence Ministry
largest partners:
MCIS 2018 conference
the Moscow Conference on International Security was attended by more than
850 representatives from
95countries and
8international organizations
The Army 2018 International Military and Technical Forum and the Week of National Security
were attended by representatives of 118countries and
102 official military delegations
International Army Games 2018
The Games’ contests took place in 7 countries:
The Games were attended by
189 teams made up of 4,700 servicemen from 32 countries

Participants operated:
1,043 pieces of armaments and military equipment
70 aircraft
9 ships and support vessels
International exercises
25 international exercises of various levels including:
  • Interaction 2018 CSTO exercise
    CSTO exercise
  • Peace Mission 2018
    SCO maneuvers
Military construction
3,573 buildings and facilities
constructed, reconstructed and overhauled

in total 3.6 mln sq m

3.6 mln sq km paved at 19 airfields
458 facilities built for
10 missile brigade,
equiped with the Iskander-M systems
armouries for armaments, missile and ammunition built
first pilot Nara manufacturing logistics complex received
2,000 pieces of equipment and some
18,000 tons of material assets
Infrastructure Development in Arctic
20 premises have been erected
at Severomorsk-1 airfield

Temp airfield
is being reconstructed at Kotelny Island
59 buildings and structures
are about to be constructed at military settlement
on Alexandra Land Island

modular settlement is being built
for units of Air Defence Division of the Northern Fleet in Tiksi
since 2015 the ecological units
104,000 sq km

collected more than
18,500 tons of scrap metal

took out more than
15,500 tons of scrap metal
Social Development
decrease of queues to pre-school organizations
by 97%

decrease of the number of unemployed families
of servicemen by 99%
467 nursery schools
under management of local authorities

8,300 servicemen
recieved permanent apartments
35,500 military families
received corporate apartments

16,500 apartments
entered housing stock
43,000 servicemen
joined the savings and mortgage system

29 hospitals and clinics
to the Ministry of Health and the subjects of the Russian Federation

more than 15,000 patients
received high-tech medical care